๐ŸšจWe cannot give you voting tickets due to the following cases๐Ÿšจ

1.If you already participated the ad/promotion on FanPlus or other services

– Multiple participations are not possible. Please check if you participated the ad/promotion for the first time on FanPlus
– As soon as you click the promotion and go to AppStore/GooglePlay Store page, that counts as you participated the promotion. You cannot get rewards/voting tickets after leaving the page.

– Please install and start the app within 24hours. If not, we cannot check the participation, therefore giving rewards is not possible.

2. If you delete the app during the promotion process

– If you delete FanPlus app or the app you downloaded through the promotion, ad-tracking does not work anymore and you cannot get rewards from the promotion.

3. If you participated through secure folder (Samsung devices)

4. If you re-set up ad ID

5. If you participated with a different FanPlus account on the same device

6. If you already participated another campaign in the same ad/promotion

– Only one campaign in an ad is valid for rewards. If multiple participated, you get rewards/voting tickets from the first participation.

7. If you did not click “do mission” to get voting tickets or installed apps from other ways

– Please click “do mission” on FanPlus and participate the promotion. Once you download an app from the promotion, you must open the app within 24hrs after installing.

(If you installed the app only and opened it after 24hrs, it does not count as you participated the promotion)

‘FAQ regarding to ‘Voting Tickets not received”!

Q. There is no ad/promotion listed that I can participate.

A. The list is being refreshed on the page. Please try it later

Also, it is not possible to get rewards if you use secure folder (Samsung devices).

Q. I did not get voting tickets after participating the promotion.

A. Please follow the guidelines below.

It may take some time to check issues.

Please note that it is not possible to get rewards if you use secure folder (Samsung devices).