Hi guys!
FanPlus is opening a new event for our users

First Come, First Serve! Invite a Friend and get 20,000 VTs!

Please read the guide carefully below:

1. You can still get cash as usual from invitation & referring.
You can invite max. 100 friends to get cash. And VTs are additional gifts.

2. Once you invited & got referred 100 times, you cannot get cash from 101st user anymore,
but you can still get VTs since there is no limit for no. of friends you invite.

3. However, there is a limit of total VTs we distribute during this event: 100,000,000VTs.
Once all 1M VTs are distributed, the event will be closed. That’s why we say “FIRST COME, FIRST SERVE”

4. VTs payment Scheduled on DEC,4



Are you ready? check more info in the image below and contact us if you have any questions 🙂
(inquiry : Setting on FanPlus app -> Contact us → Select a type of your inquiry → Write your issue in detail)