You all need is 7M VOTES

Complete the mission and
give your star an AD gift! 


Q. What is the mission?

A. Vote more than 7 Million votes
to your star!


Q. What AD will be given?

A. If a candidate gets more than 7 Million votes,
a Subway CM board AD will be given
as Mission-Completed reward 🙂



Q. Who makes the AD?

A. The AD will be made by fans!

Once the mission is completed,
we will tweet an AD proposal
submission post on FanPlusTwitter (@fanplus_app).
Anyone can make an AD proposal
and leave a comment with
the AD file under the tweet.

After the submission is closed,
we will check which AD proposal
got the most “Likes” and select it.



Q. If a candidate completed
the mission and
1st, 2nd or 3rd place too,
will the star get all AD rewards?

A. No. 1st, 2nd, 3rd place
will get rewards as announced
on FanPlus app
excluding the Mission-Completed
AD reward. (No duplicate rewards)