Hi guys!

We’d like to introduce a new feature – “Cheer for Writer” on Fanfic!

Are you a fan of a fanfic writer on FanPlus app? Show your support and cheer for the writer 😊



Q. What is “Cheer for writer”?

It is a feature that you can send “Cheer” to your favorite fanfic writer on FanPlus(ง •̀ᴗ•́)ง

Your cheers will be accumulated as “Popcorn”!

Writers can exchange popcorn for mobile gift cards. (Users in Korea only)

Send cheers to support your favorite fanfic writers through “Cheer for writer”!

*Click the button below to get to know more about “Popcorn”!




Q. Who Can I cheer for?

You can cheer for any writer who published fanfic on FanPlus app (ง •̀o•́)ง

*You cannot send “cheers” to yourself.



Q. How can I cheer for a writer?



Click a fanfic you want to read -> scroll down and click “Cheer for the writer” button

-> Watch video ADs -> DONE!



>>>>Tips for Cheering<<<<


You can send “cheer” 3 times per day, per writer.

That means, you can cheer for as many writers as possible (3times/day for each writer)😊





Q. How can I check my cheer status? 


Click Fanfic -> Click “books” emoticon at the upper right side to see My Page

-> Click “Cheer status” on the upper sliding bar -> See your Cheer status that you sent to writers.




Q. How can I see cheers I received?


[1]  Received Cheers

Fanfic -> My Page -> My Series -> see total/today/most cheers on each fanfic of yours.



[2] Popcorn Status


Click Fanfic -> Click “books” emoticon at the upper right side to see My Page

-> Click “Popcorn” button -> See your Popcorn status.

(You will receive popcorn from the previous day’s total cheers at 11:00 (KST) in the next day)





[3] Push Notification

You can get push notification to check to see how many cheers you have received.




Q. How can I see all cheers?

[1] My Page -> My Series -> See all cheers

[2] Click a fanfic -> See all cheers

You can check cheers you received real time through these two ways above!





Are you enjoying with fanfics? Send big love and cheers to your favorite writers.

Your cheering will be a huge support for writers 🙂