1. Check attendance and get cash

Every day check attendance on FanPlus and get free cash




Q. How can I check attendance?

A. Click the icon (as the image below) on FanPlus Home to go to attendance page


Q. I can’t find the attendance icon.

A. “check Attendance” feature is available above the ver. 1.8.0 of FanPlus app.
(Check your FanPlus app version on Home > Setting > More > Version information)



Q. I can’t check attendance consecutively every day.

A. You must complete mobile verification to check consecutive attendance to get more cash every day.
Go to Home > Friends > Click “Verify” to complete the mobile verification.


Q. I completed attendance checking until Day 6 and it became Day1 again.

A. Every Monday (00:00 UTC) the board is renewed for a new week.







2. Participate in offer-wall missions and get cash

Participate in various offer-wall missions get cash



Q. How can I participate in campaigns?

A. Go to Vote > Click “Get Free Cash” > Check all campaigns on the offer-wall list.


Q. I participated in a campaign but I didn’t receive cash.

A. Please check the information related to cash misdistribution and follow the guide.
<Issue with receiving cash on offer-walls> Link: http://www.fanplus.co.kr/faq_offerwall/